Editor's Letter: A Warm Welcome to You, the FIRST-EVER Readers of The Hourglass Times! ✨


Editor's Letter: A Warm Welcome to You, the FIRST-EVER Readers of The Hourglass Times! ✨

Greetings, fellow visionaries and dreamers-- 

It's with a heart full of anticipation and excitement that I iwelcome you to The Hourglass Times, a BRAND NEW weekly dispatch from Hourglass Collaborative that aims to explore, dissect, and present the worlds of creativity, innovation, and the ever-evolving future. 

If I were you, I would be asking: "Well, what the heck is The Hourglass Times anyways, and why should I read it? I'm a busy person with many priorities. Who has time for another newsletter?!? In THIS economy?!"

A completely fair question! And it's funny that you brought up the economy, because that's exactly what's on our minds.

We're living through a period of ongoing economic uncertainty and groundbreaking, unprecedented, exponential change. And there's a lot of doom and gloom and bad news about the future. We thought it was time to create a space like The Hourglass Times, where we can explore and celebrate the good things about the future while equipping ourselves for stormy days ahead.

We're not just observers in this era of change – we're participants, creators, contributors. This newsletter, dear readers, is about us looking at the future with curiosity, creativity, and courage.

The Hourglass Times is a weekly digest of news and analysis on current trends, major innovations, and the wild, wonderful universe of creativity. ✨

Every week, we'll delve deep into a myriad of topics to stimulate your curiosity and inspire your innovator's spirit. Here's what you can expect: 

  1. NEW + NOW: First and foremost, The Hourglass Times is a celebration of creativity, a beacon for those who see the world not as it is, but as it could be. We will be exploring the frontiers of human imagination, where the lines between art and technology blur, where inventors dream and visionaries build. We'll examine the latest trends and developments, the breakthroughs and the game-changers that are shaping the future before our very eyes. 

  2. TIMELESS STRATEGIES: But it's not just about what's new—it's also about looking back, about understanding the past to better navigate the future. The Hourglass Times will revisit the great milestones of innovation, the daring leaps of faith and the bold experiments that have led us to where we are now, offering us a unique perspective into the journey of human progress. 

  3. CREATIVE COMMUNITY: Finally, The Hourglass Times is a community resource. It's about sharing tools and tips, sparking meaningful conversations, building deeper connections, and learning from each other. We believe that everyone has their own one-of-a-kind genius to offer, a unique insight, a fresh perspective. We look forward to hearing from you, to being inspired by you, and to sharing this extraordinary journey together. 

So, whether you're an artist or an engineer, a philosopher or a programmer, a dreamer or a doer, pull up a chair and join us. Welcome to The Hourglass Times, where the past, present, and future come together to inspire the extraordinary in all of us. ✨

Until next time,

Nicole Fichera
Editor, The Hourglass Times



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