Tyler Shannon

Tyler is a Principal with a diverse background in architecture, design, and data science. With over 10 years of experience, Tyler brings a unique blend of creativity and analytical thinking to his work.

Tyler's journey began in the world of architecture, where he honed his expertise in design and gained a deep appreciation for the intersection of technology and creativity. Holding a Bachelor's of Architecture from North Carolina State University, he has also earned a license to practice architecture in Massachusetts.

Driven by a passion for innovation and data, Tyler expanded his skill set by obtaining a certificate in Data Science from General Assembly. In addition, he received specialized training in People Leadership and Human-Centered Design while at Booz Allen Hamilton, further enhancing his ability to bring a holistic approach to his projects.

Throughout his career, Tyler has collaborated with a range of notable clients and organizations, including NASA, the United States Air Force, The Walt Disney Company, Sir Richard Branson, and Salem State University. He has contributed to industry reports such as:

  1. "Living With Heat" by the Urban Land Institute
  2. "Multi-Level Impacts of Emerging Technologies on City Form and Development" by Urbanism Next
  3. "Break the Wall: Why and How to Democratize Digital in Your Business" by Kwong Chan.

Tyler's expertise lies in his ability to combine structured thinking and technical proficiency with a creative and design-oriented mindset. He excels in creative coding, leveraging data and metrics to drive innovative solutions. Tyler's collaborative approach ensures that his clients receive tailored, efficient, and impactful results.

Currently serving as the Director of Operations and a valued member of the Hourglass Collaborative team, Tyler is dedicated to guiding organizations on their journey toward innovative and creative business solutions. His commitment to excellence and passion for pushing the boundaries of technology make him a trusted partner in driving digital transformation.