AI For Small Business
Gain your competitive advantage using AI in only 4 weeks

Our AI For Small Business program will teach you everything you need to know about AI Strategy and Tools to get you up to speed and ahead of the competition.

1. Develop an AI strategy customized to your business.
2. Train your team on the benefits and pitfalls of AI.
3. Gain hands-on experience with the best AI tools.
4. Learn practical AI skills that you can use immediately.
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of Expert Coaching and Training
Guides + Templates
Hands-On Team Workshops
Senior Leadership Strategy Workshop
Custom AI Strategy


"So impressed with how much thoughtfulness and energy y'all put into this... you really went above and beyond. [We're] already talking about how we can keep this good thing going and get other teams on board for the same experience!"
Aaron M | Senior Director of Communications
"Super stimulating... really enjoyed the insights."
Kwong C | Senior Academic Specialist

Program Structure

Week 1: Kickstart your strategy development

We'll engage with your Senior Leadership using our AI Strategy Diagnostic. This survey is specifically designed to uncover everything needed to make strategy recommendations for your organization.

The AI Strategy Diagnostic
  • Uncover your current state attitudes toward AI
  • Understand your vision and long-term goals
  • Identify your biggest challenges and opportunities
  • Find the high-impact areas of your business that will benefit most from AI

Week 2: Learn AI Fundamentals

During a 2-hour "lunch and learn" workshop, we'll meet with your team to develop a working understanding of AI fundamentals.

2-hour Team Workshop
  • Intro to AI concepts, terms, and domains
  • Why you should care about AI
  • Deep-dive on Generative AI
  • The practical applications and benefits of AI for teams
  • The common limitations and pitfalls
  • A look-ahead

Week 3: Discover the High-Impact Tools

During a 2-hour "lunch and learn" workshop, we'll meet with your team to learn the various tools and their applications. We'll cover the ins and outs of how they work, which tools are best for various tasks, and the mindset required to use them effectively.

2-hour Team Workshop
  • Intro to high-impact tools like ChatGPT, DALL-E, Reword, BARD, and more.
  • When to use (and not use) each tool
  • Live demonstrations and hands-on activities
Week 4: Practical Application and Strategy Launch
In Week 4, we'll meet virtually with your Senior Leaders to finalize your business's AI strategy. We'll also meet as a team one final time to uncover practical applications of AI through a hands-on activity that addresses one of your business's core challenges.

1-hour Working Session With Senior Leaders
  • Identify and prioritize opportunities for AI deployment
  • Establish benchmarks for a 6-month AI rollout
  • Build consensus among Senior Leaders around your business's approach to AI
2-hour Team Workshop
  • Identify a core challenge that could benefit from AI
  • Breakout groups: Strategize on a solution
  • Shareout: Present your strategy to the group
  • Prototype: Test one of the solutions live
  • Closeout: Final observations and commitments

You and your team will walk away with:

  • A custom AI strategy and implementation roadmap

  • Hands on experience for you and your team using the industry leading tools

  • Templates and reference sheets to help you make the biggest impact

  • Awareness of common pitfalls

Join us for a fun and high-impact 4-weeks of practical business AI. 

Meet Our AI Experts

Nicole Fichera
Innovation Economy,
AI Strategy
I’m a futurist and innovation ecosystem specialist with a keen eye for tracking trends and studying the economics of the future.
Jamila Bradley
Training & Development,
AI Ethics
I'm a passionate expert in transformative learning, systems strategy, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). 
Tyler Shannon
Digital Transformation,
AI Development
I’m a digital transformation strategist with a specific focus on data science, AI development, and strategy implementation.
Frequently Asked Questions

How can AI benefit my business?

You're a smart business owner, so let's talk tangible benefits. Generative AI? It's more than just buzz—it's a power move for your bottom line. 

Imagine generating tailor-made marketing campaigns in minutes, personalizing client interactions at scale, or innovating products faster than ever before. With Generative AI, you're not only reducing overhead by automating tedious tasks, but you're also unlocking avenues for increased sales, deeper customer engagement, and rapid product development. Give your marketing and sales teams an edge. Enable your design teams to iterate faster. Multiply your leadership team's decision-making and strategy. Give your accounting team the gift of automated insights.

Instead of drowning in the day-to-day, harness this technology to leapfrog competitors and truly differentiate your brand. It's not about simply keeping up; it's about blazing ahead. 

What is the AI For Small Business Program?

The AI For Small Business Program is designed to help growth-oriented leaders navigate the complexities of onboarding into the world of AI. This program provides direct coaching and strategy development with your organization's leadership team. And concurrently provides three hands-on training workshops so you and your team can start leveraging AI immediately. 

tl;dr: The program is a mix of strategy coaching and training workshops that engage decision-makers and team members.

How Long Does the Program Take?

The program spans four weeks, with a maximum time commitment of 2-3 hours per week.

Developing Your AI Strategy
The AI strategy consulting is formatted as one facilitated workshop with your leadership team. The workshop is based on results from our AI Strategy Diagnostic which is administered in Week 1.

Training Your Team
The training workshops are formatted as 2-hour lunch-and-learn-style gatherings with your team. There are three workshops in total.
What qualifications do the instructors have?
Our team is uniquely qualified to help bridge the gap between the technical AI world and the art of business.

We have 30+ years of experience working at the intersection of the innovation economy, digital transformation, training and development, and business intelligence.

Our team uses AI on a daily basis to transform our business operations and save us time. Our combined expertise in innovation strategy, transformative learning, and data science, positions us as an excellent partner to help you incorporate cutting-edge technology into your business.
Is this program a right fit for me and my team?
We work with small businesses as well as individuals and teams within larger organizations. If you are thinking about how AI could help you grow your business, save you time, and gain your competitive advantage then this program is the right fit for you. 

Navigating the rapid pace of technological change can be hard. If you're not sure how or where to start, we're here for you!

How much does the program cost?
Your investment in the AI For Small Business Program will be $4,997. With this investment comes:
  1. Your customized AI Strategy, developed with you by AI experts during 2 leadership workshops.
  2. 3 hands-on training workshops for your team of up to 10 people.* 
  3. Templates and reference guides
*For workshops to be most effective we recommend no more than 10 people. Any more than that and it becomes difficult for facilitators to provide equal value to all participants. If you're interested in running the workshops for additional members of your team, we can discuss a custom package.

Do you offer a garauntee?
Why yes, we do!

If you're not satisfied with the outcomes of the program, we'll work with you until you are, at no additional cost.
AI For Small Business

Gain your competitive advantage
using AI in only 4 weeks

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