Visualize your idea of creative wealth.

Creative wealth is about so much more than money. It's about embracing your creativity, finding fulfillment in your work, and experiencing abundance in all areas of your life. You'll start by leveraging the power of visualization to activate your neural pathways and begin moving toward your vision.


Discover your unique income pathways.

Maximize your creative skills by identifying income-generating opportunities that complement them. Your unique abilities are your greatest asset. Finding the right markets (ones that need and appreciate your skills) that can lead to financial prosperity.


Design a "Quick Income Project" to test your approach.

Once you have identified your skills, you'll match them with various Income-generating ideas to find the right approach for you. Our free guide will provide examples of different ways to deploy your skills in the marketplace. You'll design your first "Quick Income Project" -- a fast, low-cost, low effort way to start testing (and making money!).


Launch your Quick Income Project, and start learning and earning.

Finally, you'll bring it all together and get your creativity out into the world. Once you have your Quick Income Project Plan, you'll start testing your ideas, and developing a better understanding of yourself and your market. You'll have taken the first major step in creating a sustainable income stream and a solid foundation for your ideal creative wealth lifestyle.


Test, grow, and generate income in a way that works uniquely for you.

Once you've started, the key is to keep going, learning, and improving, until you've created a longterm wealth creation strategy built around your life -- not the other way around. You can return to this process as many times as you need to, and members of the Creative Wealth Generator Program will also receive access to free learning resources, ongoing ideas and updates, and opportunities to work with expert coaches to refine your strategy.

Ready to turn your creativity into an extra $1k every month?

Join this FREE program today, and start building a future you'll look forward to. Once you've enrolled, you'll receive a free download of the Creative Wealth Generator workbook, a comprehensive tool designed to guide you every step of the way -- plus exclusive learning resources, expert advice, and more.


The Creative Wealth Generator Program is a practical learning and self-assessment system designed to help creative individuals turn their passions into profits. It provides you with the tools, resources, and coaching required to define your creative skillset and figure out how to make an extra $1000 or more every month doing what you love. The goal of the program is that more creative people are able to build prosperous and fulfilling lives.

The program includes FREE access to exclusive learning materials, including our comprehensive Creative Wealth Generator Workbook with best practices, ideas, and detailed exercises to guide you through the process. Additionally, program participants will also get access to free online courses, newsletter updates, and the option to participate in customized coaching sessions to refine your strategy.

The Creative Wealth Generator Program is 100% free for DIY participants, meaning that you can download the workbook, access courses, and receive email updates at no cost.

If you are interested in a professional coaching session to refine your wealth generation strategy, you can book a free 15 minute consultation to determine whether additional coaching is a good fit for you.

The Creative Wealth Generator Program is 100% FREE--for life! All digital resources, courses, and updates associated with this program are yours in perpetuity at zero cost.

If you are interested in personalized coaching, a one-hour session is $279, and includes an hour of live professional advice, a customized action plan, recommended tools and resources, and accountability check-ins to keep you on track.

We can also provide special rates in certain cases, such as if you are interested in being featured as a case study on our website. Set up a free consultation to discuss the best options for you and your business.

Yes! If you would benefit from additional support beyond the initial consultation, we would be happy to discuss options for extending the program with you.

We work with seasoned creative professionals as well as folks that are looking to build their creative skills at any career stage. Our team is made up of expert consultants that have worked in traditional office jobs as well as making money through their creative pursuits. If you're thinking of a career change, looking for a income-generating hobby, or you're just dissatisfied and unfulfilled with your current income and not sure what you should do next, this program is a great fit for you.

If you're ready to take action, download the Creative Wealth Generator Workbook now! It's 100% free, and is packed full of exercises and ideas to get you started.

Discover how your creativity can earn you an extra $1000 every month.

Once you've completed the Creative Wealth Generator Workbook, we promise you won't be looking at your passion the same way again. You'll see it as an opportunity, a path towards a lifestyle that's not just financially rewarding, but also personally fulfilling.