The Fractional Chief Innovation Officer program allows you to leverage the expertise of a seasoned innovation leader — without the commitment of a full-time hire.


Key Benefits:

  • Economic Advantage: Gain access to top-tier insights without the financial footprint of a full-time executive.
  • Flexible Engagement: Easily adjust your level of investment as your needs evolve.
  • Speed + Agility: Fast-track your innovative initiatives with the guidance of an experienced expert.
  • Knowledge Transfer: Enhance your team's capabilities with regular, structured exposure to innovation methodology.
  • Network Expansion: Gain access to a vast ecosystem of industry professionals, thought leaders, and partners.


  • Innovation Roadmap: A detailed, customized roadmap to help you stay on track with your innovation goals.
  • Coaching Curriculum: Recommended training and upskilling topics to ensure your team is equipped for the future.
  • Implementation Framework: A personalized framework for implementing new ideas and initiatives in your organization.
  • Exclusive Resources: 24/7 access to a library of exclusive courses for ongoing skills training and development.
  • On-Call Support: Regular check-ins + up to 2 additional calls per week, as well as unlimited email support.