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Nicole FicheraFeb 3, 2024 4:55:07 PM2 min read

Could we be entering a new creative Renaissance?

Could we be entering a new creative Renaissance? 

Picture this: a world emerging from a global pandemic that's transformed the way we live and work, forcing us to challenge everything we knew.

Sounds familiar, right?

We could be talking about 2023--or we could be talking about 1523. Yes, that's right folks, the Renaissance, of Mona Lisa and Michelangelo fame, was also a period of recovery and discovery that followed a pandemic--the Plague, to be exact.There are striking parallels between now and the early days of the Renaissance.

CHANGING PHILOSOPHIES:  As the COVID-19 pandemic shook our faith and challenged our way of life, it also opened the doors to new philosophies and ways of thinking. 🧠 Just like during the Renaissance, where humanism and individualism emerged as prominent ideologies as people questioned the top-down philosophies that had governed feudal society. The pandemic has sparked a desire for personal growth and self-discovery, leading to a reevaluation of our values and priorities. ❤️ See chart below--searches for "how to have more fun in life" have been on the rise since 2020 and are still climbing.

ACCESS TO INFORMATION AT SCALE: The introduction of new technologies during the Renaissance, such as the printing press, revolutionized the way knowledge was disseminated. ⚡️ Similarly, in our modern era, we are experiencing a technological renaissance with the rise of free public access to artificial intelligence. Like the printing press, AI has the power to spread knowledge and information at an unprecedented scale--and if history repeats itself, it's likely to produce a global explosion of creativity. 📈

BOLD FASHION: Back in the Renaissance, fashionable clothing was ornate and celebratory, signaling a new era of self-expression. 🌟 Today, we've got a trend that might just be its modern counterpart: Dopamine Dressing. It's not just about what you wear; it's about how it makes you feel. Bold colors, expressive patterns—clothes that provide joy and confidence. It's like a visual hug to our souls. 🌈💃

INTERDISCIPLINARY THINKING: Leonardo DaVinci was legendary for his inventions, wildly imaginative contraptions which combined knowledge from art, math, engineering, biology, sculpture, and more. 🌱  We are also living in an age of overlapping sectors and cross-industry innovation. For example, biophilic design uses insights from nature to design healthier spaces. And with the rise of TikTok, Twitch, YouTube, and other creation platforms, content and marketing and art and technology are becoming increasingly intertwined. 🤖


Nicole Fichera

Nicole is an innovation + architecture + futurism professional with over a decade of experience leading transformational initiatives.